Wrap up for Information Environment.

This unit has enabled me to extend my technology skills through website evaluations and creating a pathfinder, but more than anything it has opened up a new digital world for this teacher who had limited knowledge or skills in anything ICT, and always asked the students to assist me when I encountered problems in the tech lab! Now, my new knowledge has given me extra confidence and skills, together with a new enthusiasm for anything Web 2.0 or digital technology/tools.

I can empathise with the students in every way; I’ve experienced bewilderment, felt ‘dumb”, delighted in independently creating a pathfinder, and enjoyed the satisfaction of using my new learning in website evaluation when researching websites for the pathfinder. Surely this is the ultimate learning experience? Demonstrating to students that learning is ongoing for everyone, and relevant to our daily lives and the future as lifelong learners, not just within an educational context. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put some of this knowledge to use as a future teacher librarian!


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