ETL504 Module 1. Organisation Theory

  • Organisation theory is the study of organisations and their structures to identify more efficient procedures, processes and problem solving to achieve the organisation’s goals.
  • They are able to demonstrate an awareness of the principles and methods of strategic planning for change and identify the role of the teacher librarian within these processes within the context of a 21st century school culture of inquiry.
  • Teacher Librarians are able to develop a mission statement and identify objectives / outcomes for the delivery of the school’s information services.
  • Leadership in the context of a teacher librarian in any school will draw upon business leadership theory as well as our understanding of learning in an ever changing educational environment.
  • Teacher Librarians identify pathways for the development of leadership roles in schools through their knowledge and expertise of the school’s information services, and are able to relate issues in leadership theory and the decision-making process to the teacher librarian’s role in the school.
  • When it comes to working as a leader, learning how to curate (share & organise) this information is one of the important leadership skills of a teacher librarian or an information literate educator.

 Reflection and Forum Discussion:

Like many people I have experienced both strong and weak leaders throughout many different working environments. I consider a good leader to be someone who effectively leads by example in demonstrating excellent communication and interpersonal skills when working collaboratively and respectfully with all staff members. A willingness to listen, encourage, support, show compassion, and develop strong relationships, builds trust with other staff members and contributes towards a positive and cooperative working environment.

  • Leadership theories range from models that control all aspects of people in the organisation, through to more recent theories that place emphasis on empowering people to not only complete their tasks but to ensure they believe in the organisation’s goals and vision.
  • The main leadership theories are: Transactional Leadership; Situational Leadership; Transformational Leadership; Servant Leadership, and Instructional Leadership.
  • Transactional leadership is appropriate in managing a library as you need to be structured and organised.
  • Situational leadership
  • Transformational leaders empower their staff and are innovative, developing member’s growth as reflective practitioners.
  • Servant leadership
  • Instructional leadership
  • Leadership skills quiz How Good Are Your Leadership Skills? As a teacher librarian these skills or traits are important to acknowledge and develop and continues to learn about leadership and builds his / her capacity in all areas of school life.

 Reflection and Forum Discussion:

I definitely aspire to be a Transformational leader but recognise that change will be a ‘work in progress’ as I am reserved by nature and very much a Situational leader. However, I have taken on  minor leadership roles at school which I found challenging at first, but gained so much more self-confidence and expertise from the experiences,  encouraging me to accept further leadership opportunities in the future especially as a TL.


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