30 second thought on the question: “Are school librarians an endangered species?”

Five leaders in the fields of Information Sciences in the USA gave their opinions on school librarians as endangered species. This is a summary of their thoughts:

The overall reaction to the question was a resounding NO! Teacher librarians were not an endangered species if they were willing to redefine their roles to become online mentors or coaches, who help students navigate the complex media and information world as part of learning in the 21st century. Teacher librarians are unique in their ability to provide students with the expertise to gather, comprehend, evaluate, synthesise, and report on information and ideas when conducting original research in order to answer questions or solve problems by using an extensive range of media forms. A well supported library program is integral to meeting educational objectives across all disciplines, and vital to encouraging students to become critical users of information and ideas, familiar with ethical standards and copyright issues when accessing or using media as responsible digital citizens


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