Topic 7 Forum Comments

My initial comments recorded as part of the first week’s activity, demonstrated how I perceived a teacher librarian’s role within a school library to be mainly involved with library management, organising appropriate websites, data collection, and teaching students technology skills to access and use a range of electronic resources when researching inquiry projects. There was a clear assumption that the teacher librarian worked independently as a specialist rather than part of the teaching staff, and took no part in collaboration with the principal or other staff members when planning a library collection or implementing an information literacy program. Through course readings, activities, forum postings and comments, together with Blog Tasks, this perspective has completely changed and a new respect for the multi-faceted and constantly evolving role of a teacher librarian within the 21st Century educational context has emerged.

During the course I have become familiar with digital tools such as Blogs, Wikis, Apps, Cloud technology, Web 2.0, Podcasts and Vodcasts, Google’s AllAccess music streaming, the iPad as a contemporary teaching tool, social media as a communication tool (Facebook and Twitter), and actively collected information on the latest digital technology to extend my learning experience as a teacher librarian. In the 21st century educational context I consider a teacher librarian to be a bridge that connects both teaching and library areas of expertise, a valued and vital member of a school community, a leader, innovator, media specialist, and initiator of meta-literacies that develop skills of creativity, flexibility, critical thinking, problem-solving and independent learning for students to become open-minded global citizens of the future.


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