Topic 6 Forum Comments

From each of these readings, identify three ideas that are new to you. Based on your understanding of what the writers have said what is one thing you could do right now that would make you more productive in your work place?

  1. Prioritise – Recognize what needs 100% effort and time and what doesn’t  Instead of giving all my time and efforts to everyone, I choose carefully what/who I can give 100% to.
  2. Use the four ‘D’s’ for managing interruptions; Decide, Defer, Discourage, Do. I can’t stop being disturbed by the phone, other staff/students, or consistent announcements, but I can use strategies to manage these frustrating interruptions and prevent them from impacting on my work.
  3. Recognising the need to learn how to manage conflict in my workplace (many areas as a teacher /librarian) by using negotiation strategies/skills and conflict resolution. Focusing on successful negotiation is about collaboration; the aim is to meet both sides’ needs.

Looking at the influential teachers among my colleagues what advanced skills do they have in the two areas of setting priorities and negotiating for a fair share of resources etc?

  1. They assess which areas of the library need addition, modifying or upgrading, gather facts, figures and supporting evidence, and communicate these requirements to the principal or appropriate member of staff.
  2. They discuss rationally and reasonably their requests and negotiate an approximate time/date for answer or delivery.
  3. They email other staff to outline any additional programs available, any changes to timetables or adjustments to library equipment or routines. Usually staff will discuss any issues at the weekly staff meetings where any difficulties or problems can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. This ensures the smooth running of the library and appropriate access for other staff and students.

Based on your understanding of what the writers have said what is one thing you could do right now that would make you more productive in your work place?

To improve my productivity in my work place I could manage my time more efficiently and effectively by prioritising what work needs to be completed with maximum effort and attention, or what can be achieved to a lesser degree or at another time, resulting in feelings of accomplishment and a job well done.

Think about how a TL, who is the only professional TL in the school, makes decisions about devoting time to aspects of library management such as managing the physical space, collection management and access, and using the library management system, and also devoting time to planning for and teaching information literacy in the school.

  • Collaboration with the principal or other leadership staff members to develop policies governing all decision making regarding the library, and organising a set time on a regular basis  when you can meet and discuss any important  issues, but email other relevant queries or library management issues.
  • Collaborate with teachers on a regular basis for planning inquiry units of work and resource collection requirements, enabling TL’s to organise time for teaching and general library management. Organised timetabling would provide adequate time frames for each job and prioritising these jobs by the level of importance, relieves frustration and work overload
  • Being visable and actively participating in level and staff meetings, beside participating in and providing professional development,  will highlight the TL’s position as a valuable staff member and contributor to the teaching and learning framework of the school community.
  • Encourage parents and students to participate in library activities like Book Week, and with the students organise an exhibition of their ICT or information literacy work, highlighting the availability and accessibility of library resources/sources as a vital and valuable contribution towards successful student curriculum outcomes.
  • A warm, welcoming and colourful library will demonstrate the value of a quality learning media centre and the vital contribution a qualified and multi-skilled TL can provide to a school community.

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