Topic 5 Blog and Forum Answers

What possibilities arise for collaboration between teachers and the teacher librarian?

  •  Development of selection, acquisition, weeding and disposal policies designed to include all staff from every learning area of the curriculum and school community.
  • Inclusion into planning inquiry and information literacy programs and projects and incorporating information and technology skills of the TL into the teaching program to enhance students learning outcomes.
  • TL provides professional development for other staff members to update/upgrade their ICT skills, which encourages the development of respectful relationships between the TL and other teachers.

The role of the teacher librarian is fulfilled in a school that believes in collaborative practice and where teachers are leaders. But many teachers see working with other teachers as a major challenge. In fact they might fight against this.

  1. In such circumstances what would be an appropriate response from the teacher librarian?
  2. From your reading so far, can you build a convincing argument for collaboration between the teacher librarian, principal and teachers at a school that you know?

Discuss your ideas in your group on the Topic 5 Forum.

  • The TL needs to collaborate with the principal and leadership team to clearly define the role of a TL as part of the school teaching team and establish guidelines and expectations of the collaborative relationship required to successfully fulfill curriculum and learning outcomes. This relationship extends to professional development and all planning or administrative processes, and these roles specifically outlined in all school policies and staff manuals. Principals and school leaders encourage the development of collaborative practice among all staff members in both teaching and social domains, by consistently demonstrating respect for the TL as a valued staff member of the school community, and acknowledging the vital role of the TL as part of the curriculum structure designed to produce successful student learning outcomes.
  •  TLs need to be prepared to dedicate time for meeting with other teachers to plan inquiry units of work and curricular resource requirements from a range of digital and media sources. They also need to regularly meet and consult with the principal and relevant staff members to develop a school selection and acquisition policy which would satisfy the needs and requirements of the whole school community and include all staff members in developing a weeding and disposal of old/outdated resources policy. Regular attendance By the TL at staff and team meetings develops inclusive relationships and team building, resulting in a more harmonious approach to incorporating the school library and TL role into the teaching and learning environment of the school community.

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