Topic 2 Forum 2.2

Discuss on the Topic 2.2 Forum how you think a teacher librarian might make his or her priorities both clear and palatable to the school community.

  • Collaboration with all staff on what is considered the priorities in the library in regard to the accessing or purchasing and managing resources (digital and physical, quality online data bases) and devise a contingency plan that suits everyone.
  • Collecting and presenting evidence to support claims of student’s achievements through the collection of statistical data in conjunction with individual classroom teachers, resulting in the recognition of Teacher Librarian’s skills and their evolving role within the school community. Oberg maintains that Principals and staff positively respond to data in narrative form such as stories, case studies, or brief scenarios. (Oberg, D. (2002) p.14).
  • To provide a local collection which offers students a large number of materials in a variety of formats and initiate activities to increase student use of the library for developing the skills needed for evaluating and using information effectively resulting in higher student achievement.
  • Making connections between well-resourced libraries and higher student literacy outcomes. Show the correlation between school library budgets and literacy levels (Softlink Australian School Library Survey. (2012).
  • Hold professional development meetings where the latest information technology is demonstrated and discussed in regard to purchasing for school use or as ICT skills upgrades for staff. Eg. Staff use of IPads/tablets
  • Be seen to be proactive within the school and initiate whole school programs to deal with current issues such as Cybersafety.


Oberg, D. (2002). Looking for the evidence: Do school libraries improve student achievement? School Libraries in Canada, 22(2), 10-14.

Softlink Australian School Library Survey, (2012). Retrieved from


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